City of Essen: Container buildings for asylumseekers

In several European-wide negotiation procedures, GVE Grundstücksverwaltung Stadt Essen GmbH advertises for bids the procurement of container buildings for the accommodation of asylum seekers. In these award procedures, GVE intends to procure container buildings / living containers for up to 1,300 spaces at a central location as initial reception facility, as well as at other decentralized locations. The contractors are to construct the container buildings within a short time frame. GVE will provide more detailed information on the individual lots to the bidders in the negotiated procedure since additional container buildings may have to be procured, depending on current developments.

Our services

We are advising GVE Grundstücksverwaltung Stadt Essen GmbH on all legal matters in designing and implementing the European-wide award procedures.

Responsible for the project
Dr. Ute Jasper,
Dr. Jens Biemann,

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