Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure: Feasibility Study on Synchronized Rail Schedule for Germany

The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure intends to improve the use of Germany's rail infrastructure and therefore ordered a feasibility study. The "Deutschlandtakt" synchronized rail schedule allows for trains leaving in all directions from certain "hub stations" every hour. Fast train service with easy connecting options from local to long distance trains and vice versa with the synchronized rail schedule is expected to improve the attractiveness of rail transport nationwide. Similar projects have been successfully implemented in Switzerland and the Netherlands.

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Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek is reviewing the legal compatibility of a nationwide synchronized rail schedule with European and German law, in particular in terms of free competition and free network access.

Responsible for the Project:
Dr. Ute Jasper
Dr. Isabel Niedergöker
Dr. Laurence M. Westen

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