IDR asylum seekers’ accommodation

Due to the current number of asylum seekers, the state capital of Düsseldorf needs to provide more accommodation in the future. In order to serve the acute need for lodging, the state capital of Düsseldorf entered into four lease agreements with a minimum term of five years on the turnkey construction of modular residences for asylum seekers at the Blanckertzstraße, Meineckestraße, Grünewaldstraße, and Leuchtenberger Kirchweg sites that are owned by the state capital of Düsseldorf. IDR AG was commissioned to develop the land, build foundations on the land, install modular residences for asylum seekers, create the outdoor areas, and prepare all connections.
The modular housing complexes contained about 200 units each. The accommodation had to be completed by September 30, 2015.

Our services

We advised IDR AG on matters pertaining to procurement law, municipal law, and State aid law in the award procedure by the state capital of Düsseldorf and found innovative solutions for rapid and legally compliant implementation.
Responsible for the project
Dr. Ute Jasper 

Dr. Laurence Westen, Düsseldorf   

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