Klinikum Herford - PET-CT

Klinikum Herford AöR intended to acquire a Positron Emission Computer Tomograph (PET-CT). The PET-CT device was to be capable of both realizing the advantages of the combined exam and of using the PET and CT device parts each separately for hospital operations.

By means of a negotiated procedure, it was possible to implement the intention of Klinikum Herford AöR to obtain all required services from one source: In this procedure, the planning and remodeling services required for the integration of the PET-CT-device at Klinikum Herford were also awarded to the winning supplier of the PET-CT device which in this respect acted as general contractor.

We designed the negotiated procedure for Klinikum Herford AöR, prepared the agreement on supply, planning and construction services, led the negotiations through several negotiation rounds and supported the procedure until the awarding to the winning bidder and entering into a contract.

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