Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure Baden-Württemberg

The state of Baden-Württemberg faces the re-awarding of a number of networks or lots in regional rail transport. For the lines to be tendered, up to 150 vehicles are needed per lot. Annually, about 84 million train kilometers must be provided.

In order to obtain as many bidders as possible for participation in the award procedure, the state plans to use innovative vehicle financing models.

Our services

Jointly with technical and tax law consultants, we examined different financing forms in regional rail transport on the basis of expert opinions for the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure. We presented seven financing models and evaluated them technically, under tax, civil, budgetary, state aid and public procurement law as well as by means of the debt limits and the Maastricht criterion of budgetary stability. We are currently assisting the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure in the practical implementation and jointly with the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure are preparing various award procedures using the vehicle financing models.

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