North Rhine-Westphalia building and real estate management authority: Sale of the Vodafone complex in Düsseldorf


The Vodafone property of about 14,000 m² in prime location at the Rhine bank in Düsseldorf is owned by the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, which had acquired the complex for EUR 150 million in 2008. The Ministry of Economic Affairs North Rhine-Westphalia will move into the Vodafone high-rise. The remaining buildings are to be sold by the North Rhine-Westphalia building and real estate management authority (BLB NRW) at a profit for the state.

Our Services

Supporting and advising BLB NRW during the sale of the Vodafone complex: looking for a real estate advisor to prepare the sale jointly with BLB NRW; drafting of a concept for the competition procedure for the actual sale to one or several investors.


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