Dr. Frank Mitzkus new chairman of the permanent arbitral tribunal of the German Federation for Trotting Horse Breeding

The Hamburg-based partner of law firm Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek, Dr. Frank Mitzkus, was recently unanimously elected new chairman of the arbitral tribunal by the general assembly of the German Federation for Trotting Horse Breeding, Hauptverband für Traberzucht e.V. (HVT). Dr. Johan-Michel Menke, also lawyer at the Hamburg office, will be deputy chairman. The permanent arbitral tribunal is HVT’s supreme jurisdiction panel.
HVT is the umbrella organization for trotting horse breeding and trotting racing in Germany. It promotes and oversees trotting horse breeding as well as all trotting races. The association, recognized under the Animal Breeding Act, counts among its members the associations of breeders, owners, trainers and drivers as well as all trotting race associations.
Frank Mitzkus has extensive experience in matters of sports law, particularly in horse law. In addition, he has worked as an arbitrator in civil cases and as judge at the Lawyers’ Court in Hamburg.
Johan-Michel Menke is an expert in sports law, lecturer at FernUniversität Hagen (Sports Law) and arbitrator at the German Sports Arbitral Tribunal.


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