dtv texts "Public Procurement Law" with introduction by Ute Jasper in 16th edition

The updated version of the dtv collection of laws on public procurement law was published recently. On 450 pages, it contains the entire set of regulations, which the Federal government, the German states and municipalities must consider when awarding contracts, including the new Ordinance on the Award of Public Contracts. Jointly with Dr. Fridhelm Marx, Dr. Ute Jasper, Partner at commercial law firm Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek, gives an introduction to applicable public procurement law.
New laws and regulations led to the new edition, with the regulations governing the rules for competition in an important economic sector. Public awards account for about 15 percent of the gross national product. Dr. Ute Jasper and Dr. Fridhelm Marx have been responsible for the collection of texts on public procurement law since 1997.


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