City Region Aachen and its partners file second lawsuit against Tihange

In addition to the already pending lawsuit before the Belgian State Council, the City Region of Aachen now also filed a complaint to the Belgian Court of First Instance against the continued operation of the Tihange 2 nuclear reactor. The cities of Maastricht and Wiltz joined the City Region as plaintiffs, in addition to politicians of all parties and companies from the region.
The plaintiffs request for Tihange 2 to be shut down, at least until all doubts as to its safety have been satisfied.
The legal action is directed against the Belgian State, the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANK), and the operator of the nuclear power plant, Engie Electrabel S.A.
While the proceedings before the State Council are contesting formal issues of the recommissioning permit, the Brussels court will deal, among other things, with the issue of whether the Belgian authorities have in fact made all efforts to protect citizens from the consequences of a nuclear accident and whether the investigations carried out by FANK are sufficient.
"With this second lawsuit, the City Region takes another important step and proves that it takes the concerns of citizens in the region seriously. We are proud to support the City Region," said Dr. Ute Jasper, Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek.
The law firm advises the City Region Aachen and its partners. In court, the plaintiffs are represented by Brussels-based law firm blixt – climate and energy law.


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