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Administrative Law

Advertising Law


Alternative Streitbeilegung (ADR)



Antitrust Compliance

Antitrust fine proceedings

Antitrust Law

Antitrust Litigation


Art Law

Asset Man­agement

Association Law



Banking Supervision Law


Book resale price main­tenance

Bro­kerage Law

Budget and Charges Law

Budget Law

Budget Law and Law on Fees

Busi­ness transfer

Cable and Satellite

Cap­ital Market Compliance

Cap­ital Market Criminal Law

Cap­ital Markets

Charges Law

Chem­icals Law

Civ­il Litigation

Civ­il Service Law / Disciplinary Law

Claims Man­agement

Co-determination on supervisory board level / Election of employee rep­resentatives in the supervisory board

Collective Bargain­ing Law

Combined Heat and Power

Commercial Contracts

Commercial landlord-ten­ant law

Commercial Law

Company Pension Schemes


Compliance and Employment Law

Compliance at M&A Transactions

Compulsary Auction

Compulsory Enforcement Law

Compulsory Purchase Law and Compen­sa­tion Law

Constitution­al Law

Construction Arbitrations

Construction Law

Contracts for national and international infrastructure projects

Copyright and Publishing Law

Corporate Criminal Law

Corporate Finance

Corporate Law

Corporate Litigation

Corporate Name Law

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Suc­cession

Cosmetics Law

Criminal Compliance

Customs Legislation

Cyber Security

Cyber Versicherung

D&O-, E&O-, Vertrauensschadenversicherung

Data Pro­cessing Law

Data Protection Law


Design Patent Law

Design Protection Law

Devel­opment Law

Digital Assets/Bitcoin

Directors and Offi­cers (D&O) Liability

Dispute Res­olution

Distri­bution Law

E-Banking and Retail-Banking

Emissions Trading

Emissions Trading and Climate Protection

Employee Invention Law

Employee rep­resentation law / church law

Endowments and Foundations Law

Energy Law

Energy Taxes

Environmental Criminal Law

Environmental Law

Environmental Liability Law/Environmental Damage Law

Environmental Man­agement/Certification

EU Trade Law/WTO

Event Law

Excise Tax Law

Exec­utive board member and general man­ag­er service agreements

Export Control

Facility Man­agement


Fair Trading Law

Fam­ily Law

Film and TV Production Law

Finance Law


Focus Switzerland

Food Law, Tobacco Prod­ucts Law, Cosmetics Law

Foreign Investment Control

Foreign Investment Protection/Investor-State Disputes

Foreign Trade Law

Fran­chise Law

Freedom of Speech

French Clients

Gaming & Betting Law

General Terms and Conditions

Ge­o­graphical Indications

Gift Tax Law

Going Public

Immigration law

Immission Protection Law


India Desk

Industrial Action Law

Industrial Property Law

Information Technology (IT)

Infrastructure/Regulated Markets

Inheritance and Gift Tax Law

Inheritance Law

Insolvency Law

Insur­ance Distri­bution Law

Insur­ance Law

Insur­ance Supervisory Law

Intellectual Property

International Building Contract Law

Internationale Versicherungsprogramme

Internet Law

Investment Funds

Investor Models

Joint Ventures



Labor Law

Land Law

Large Construction Disputes

Law of Med­ical Practitioners

Law of Trademarks and Related Marks

Law on Advertising of Med­ical Prod­ucts

Law related to architects and engineers

Laws governing Hospitals

Leasing Law

Liability issues of legal practitioners

Liability Law

Licensing Law

Life Sci­ences


Local Law

Logistics Law

M&A-Versicherung (Versicherung für Transaktionsrisiken)

Maritime Law

Media Concentration Law

Media Law


Med­ical Law

Med­ical Liability Law

Medic­inal Prod­ucts Law

Merger Control

Mergers and Acqui­sitions (M&A)

Mezza­nine-/Debt Fund-Finanzierung

Mining Law

Monument Conservation Law

Munic­ipal Law

Music Law

National & Cross Border Litigation

National & Cross-Border Litigation

Non-Prof­it Law

Notarie in Frankfurt

Notaries in Berlin


Open Source Projects

Patent Law

Pharmaceutical Law

Pharmacy Law

Planning and Public Building Law

Postal Law

Press Law and Freedom of Speech

Private Clients

Private Construction Law

Private Eq­ui­ty

Private International Law

Private Suc­cession Planning


Prod­uct Liability Law

Prod­uct Safety Law

Profession­al Liability Law


Property and technical insur­ance

Property Man­agement

Protection of Trade Secrets

Public Construction Law

Public Funds and Subsidies

Public Infrastructure and Large-Scale Projects

Public Law

Public Private Partnerships

Public Pro­curement and Investor Compe­titions

Public Pro­curement Law

Public Pro­curement of Services

Public Re­struc­turing and Co­operation

Public Sector Law

Public Trans­port

Publishing Law

Radio Broadcast­ing Law


Real Estate Law

Real Estate Transactions

Regulatory Law

Regulatory Practice

Reinsur­ance Law

Renewable Energy

Reorgan­i­sa­tion [of group of compa­nies]


Rep­utation protection

Res­idential Property Law


Savings Bank Law


Shareholder Activism

Shareholder Disputes

Soil Protection and Brownfield Sites

Specialist Planning Law

Sports Law

State Aid Law

State and church collective bargain­ing law

Stock Corporation Law

Subsidy Law

Supervision of Securities

Supply agreements and purchase contracts

Sweepstakes, Contests

Tax Criminal Law

Tax law

Tax Planning for private clients

Telecommunications Law

Ten­ancy Law

Tobacco Prod­ucts Law

Trademark Law

Transactions in the technology sector incl. IT outsourc­ing

Trans­port Law


Unfair Compe­tition Law


Utility Model Law

Venture Cap­ital


Waste Man­agement Law

Water and Waste Water Law

White Collar Crime

Work Title Law

Works Constitution Law


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