Antitrust Compliance

Our consulting services relating to compliance under antitrust laws includes all preventive measures that are necessary to assure that antitrust laws are in fact being observed. Included in the services offered here is the identification of risks under antitrust laws when determining a location with corporate management as well as the preparation of guidelines that take antitrust law aspects sufficiently into account and a list of "do's and don'ts". Training employees that are in regular contact with customers, suppliers or competitor is a critical element in antitrust law compliance consulting.
One major aspect that the consulting services focus on is antitrust law compliance issues in associations. In associations where competitors meet with each other regularly, the risk is particularly great that anti-competitive verbal agreements are made and sensitive competition-related market information is exchanged. In order to prevent violations of competition laws during association meetings, we are participating as "compliance lawyers".
Finally, preventive compliance consulting also aims to assure that companies and associations use foresight when reacting to a crisis situation under antitrust laws. During training sessions we prepare our clients as to how to react in possible searches performed by antitrust authorities ("dawn raids") and enabling them to be able to quickly take the correct steps both during the search as well as directly after it and to make the right decisions- for example by cooperating with the antitrust authorities during leniency programs.

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