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Art Law

The Art Law Group by Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek works on the full spectrum of legal questions connected with art – beginning with copyright protection for works of art, its extent and duration, sales and loan agreements, transport, losses and damage, claims in case of fakes, questions of provenance, restitution cases, the establishment of foundations and provisions for succession, the legal organization of collections up to national and international heritage protection. Insofar, we advise private, commercial and public clients and represent them in litigation and arbitration cases.

Art Law stands out from other areas of law in particular by special customs on the art market. These customs often become integral part of agreements and have to be considered in the legal evaluation of questions in art law. A particular knowledge of the market is required for the successful advisory and representation in this field of law.

The following Practice Groups are dedicated primarily to the field Art Law

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