Civil Service Law / Disciplinary Law

Civil service law

The civil servant relationship is governed unilaterally by law and thus part of special administrative law. It constitutes a special employment and fiduciary relationship that establishes mutual rights and obligations of the public official and the employer for the purposes of performing sovereign tasks. Civil service law is composed of federal law and the corresponding laws of the individual German states.
Our advice covers all relevant legal fields, in particular:

  • disciplinary Law
  • general public sector employment law
  • salary and pension law
  • career law

Disciplinary law

Disciplinary law concerns civil servants in a public employment and fiduciary relationship. Disciplinary proceedings are initiated in cases of breaches of official duties or conduct outside the public employment that significantly impairs the trust in the office or the reputation of the civil service. This is an administrative procedure governed by the rule of law in order to defend the functioning of the public service.
Our experts in this field support employers in carrying out official investigations, act as investigators or as legal representatives. We also represent civil servants in criminal investigations or disciplinary proceedings against their employers.

The following Practice Groups are dedicated primarily to the field Civil Service Law / Disciplinary Law

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