Compliance is a topic of ever-increasing importance. It deals with the introduction of organizational measures in companies which guarantee conduct in compliance with the law with respect to all statutory commands and prohibitions. Our clients make detailed inquiries in this regard and receive counsel as to how to avoid violations of the law in advance by means of an appropriate organization. This not only serves to avoid a negative image, but primarily to exclude liability cases and legal action for compensation of damages as well as to avoid official investigative measures. 

We provide comprehensive counsel in this matter, in the field of corporate law, in particular on legal obligations of issuers and securities service providers, on legal obligations of the internal structure of companies (especially Compliance as part of the German Corporate Governance Code), in the area of antitrust law (not only in the event of mergers, but also of other types of cooperation and in distribution antitrust law) and in the field of corruption law. While observing what is legally absolutely necessary, we consider what is feasible in order to guarantee that our clients comply with statutory laws, regulations and specifications.

Our lawyers of the White-Collar Crime and Tax Criminal Law Practice Group additionally provide support to you in identifying risk areas relevant under criminal law, in carrying out internal reviews and in setting up and improving a system to avoid criminal acts in your company.

  • Compliance and Employment Law
  • Compliance at M&A Transactions
  • Capital Market Compliance
  • Antitrust Compliance
  • Criminal Compliance

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