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Media reports of spectacular cybercrime incidents are an almost daily occurrence nowadays. Unauthorized access to corporate IT systems may allow advanced hackers in many cases to learn all trade secrets of an enterprise. Additionally, in times of Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory, it is possible to take control of manufacturing systems, to manipulate processes, and even to take over a company’s connected car fleet.

In view of these new realities, all companies are facing new legal problems: Who is liable when unauthorized access to IT systems causes damage? Can product liability or warranty claims be asserted because products were hacked? To what extent does IT security need to be specifically addressed in contracts? What are the reporting obligations that need to be met once a data leak has been detected? What kind of liability are corporate officers facing under Compliance aspects where, in breach of duty, they failed to take measures to avoid attacks?

Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek offers companies solutions to these and other issues. We cover the entire field of IT security law starting from IT security policy, which from a legal perspective is a major factor to avoid liability of a company and its managers, to the analyzing of contracts up to reacting correctly to security incidents.

We collaborate closely with IT forensic and court-certified IT experts, as well as IT security consultants. In addition, we keep close contacts with enterprises from the insurance industry that are developing novel products such as "cyber policies" to alleviate the technologically challenging residual risks by offering adequate insurance coverage.

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