Unfair Competition Law

The laws against unfair competition often represent very strict limitations on a company's actions with regard to its advertising or other market practices. Although Germany's laws governing discounts and bonuses - the Discounts Act and the Act on Bonuses in Business - have now been done away with and the laws governing special shop events (sales and mark-downs) have been liberalized, German competition law still numbers among the strictest worldwide, so that competent legal advice in this area is especially important for any business active on the German market. Our activities in the area of competition restriction laws in particular include the following:

  • Warning notices and actions for cease-and-desist orders against competitors in infringement of fair trade, where possible by temporary injunction
  • Pursuing claims, both in and out of court, for disclosure and damage compensation
  • Anonymously fighting competitors who are in infringement of fair trade by acting through fair-trade associations
  • Examining your planned advertising campaigns or product designs as to whether they represent infringement of fair trade
  • Defending against warning notices or litigation by competitors or fair-trade associations including submitting protection claims to court to avoid injunction against you
  • Drawing up refraining declarations to be agreed by competitors

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