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Healthy food is a basic prerequisite for a healthy life. As is evident when considering the well-known, regularly occurring food scandals, strict monitoring and regulation of this particularly sensitive product area is necessary. Hardly any area of law is subject to a comparable detailed regulatory process involving laws and regulations other than that of food law, which includes the tobacco products law and the cosmetics law. 

Violations of the food law are often prosecuted by the appropriate administrations in the context of administrative procedures. However, at least as important is legal action through civil law, because violations of the food law often also involve a violation of the law on unfair competition, against which every competitor has legal recourse. Our lawyers specializing in food law are simultaneously experienced in competition law; consequently we can provide you with comprehensive advice and representation in every dispute involving food law.

The following Practice Groups are dedicated primarily to the field Food Law, Tobacco Products Law, Cosmetics Law

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