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Germany and France are each other's most important trading partners. Accordingly, deep and long-standing partnerships, joint ventures and other forms of cooperation exist between German and French businesses and French groups of companies are a major factor in the German market.

Our team includes lawyers qualified and/or educated in France and Germany.  In addition to the necessary legal expertise, we also possess the cultural and linguistic competence, allowing us to offer tailor-made solutions for cross-border transactions between France and Germany. Furthermore, our team works with German tax advisors and chartered accountants and we have established a reliable international network which includes French law firms, tax advisors and accountants.

We advise French enterprises in their activities on the German market and support their German affiliates in all legal affairs in Germany. In the same way, we are advising German companies on their activities in France. We are in a position to represent your interests everywhere in France and Germany, out of court, as well as before courts and arbitral tribunals.

Our regular work includes, inter alia:

  • advising, supporting and representing clients in settlement negotiations, civil proceedings and arbitration procedures;
  • advising and assisting clients with the establishment and transformation of subsidiaries and branch offices;
  • advising and assisting clients in connection with the acquisition or the restructuring of companies, as well as with the purchase and sale of shares or assets;
  • supporting German and French corporations in various formalities under corporate law (capital increases, changes of registered offices, appointment and dismissal of general managers, etc.);
  • advising in transnational tax law, in particular regarding the avoidance of double taxation;
  • advising with respect to transnational sales, including commercial agency law and distribution contract law;
  • drafting and adapting contracts and Terms and Conditions in the German and French languages; and
  • advising and representing clients in cross-border enforcement, including exequatur procedures.

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