General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions are preformulated conditions for a variety of contracts that one contracting party (user) imposes on the other party when entering into a contract. They are used for example to simplify business processes, to fill gaps of the law and to strengthen user rights. General Terms and Conditions are often part of a contract even if the other party has not taken note of their contents.
In order to avoid any undue disadvantage of the other party, German and European regulations are placing strict demands on the wording and contents of General Terms and Conditions. This is especially true where a business uses General Terms and Conditions that apply to consumers. These provisions are specified in detail by an increasing number of court decisions.
Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek supports you in all legal matters pertaining to General Terms and Conditions. Our experienced lawyers will gladly draft customized and industry-specific General Terms and Conditions that simplify, accelerate, and standardize your business. We also advise you on an ongoing basis with a view to legislative changes or new court decisions that require your General Terms and Conditions to be adapted. This will keep your General Terms and Conditions always up-to-date, which can avoid litigation or warnings by a competitor. Our offering also includes reviewing and negotiating your business partners’ General Terms and Conditions, in order to keep you from accepting adverse General Terms and Conditions.

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