Industrial Property Law

Along with copyright laws, the laws on industrial property rights are at the core of intellectual property. These rights allow their owner to maintain a monopoly on and commercially exploit certain intangible rights. 

Our activities in these areas in particular include:

  • Research as to possible conflicting prior rights of third parties 
  • National and international registration of your protected rights and initiation of title protection notifications
  • Management of your protected rights
  • Supervision/market observance of your protected rights
  • Filing opposition claims against and actions for deletion or voidance of registrations filed by your competitors infringing upon your prior rights
  • Warning notices and court cease-and-desist orders for cases in which your rights are infringed upon, where necessary possible by temporary injunction
  • Pursuing claims, both in and out of court, for disclosure, damage compensation, and destruction
  • Defending against unjustified claims of third parties against your rights, including filing of protection claims with the court to avoid injunction
  • Drawing up agreements on licensing, trademark differentiation, and priority rights
  • Anti-counterfeiting measures, inter alia the arranging for customs action and its enforcement

The following Practice Groups are dedicated primarily to the field Industrial Property Law

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