Press Law and Freedom of Speech

Our activities in the areas of press law and freedom of speech extend in particular to:

  • defense against unjustified complaints about press coverage including the filing of protective briefs
  • extrajudicial and judicial assertion of claims for injunctive relief and demands for a reply
  • extrajudicial and judicial assertion of claims for damage compensation, pecuniary compensation and retraction 
  • extrajudicial and judicial procedures against untrue or disparaging statements of third parties outside of press releases 

With the right of reply, the press law makes available a special right of the party affected by the reporting, which only exists in this field of law. Especially in this connection attention should be paid to numerous pitfalls, which require sound legal advice. 

The claims for injunctive relief and compensation for damages are, however, also of particular importance in press law and freedom of speech. Insofar as the personal rights of the person concerned were seriously violated, he is also entitled to an additional claim for pecuniary compensation ("damages for pain and suffering") to compensate for this non-material damage. A claim for retraction of the objectionable statement is also an option as a special form of compensation for damages or as a claim for abatement or removal. 

On the basis of the many years during which we have represented publishing companies (including the business press), Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek is acquainted with the characteristics of this special field of law and the case law of the competent press chambers and senates of the courts, allowing us to adjust our offensive and defensive strategies accordingly.

The following Practice Groups are dedicated primarily to the field Press Law and Freedom of Speech

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