Copyright and Publishing Law

Our activities in the area of copyright in particular include:

  • Warning notices and actions for cease-and-desist orders against those in infringement of your copyright, where necessary by temporary injunction
  • Pursuing claims, both in and out of court, for disclosure, damage compensation, and destruction
  • Defending against warning notices or litigation by third parties including submitting protection claims to court to avoid injunction against you
  • Drawing up refraining declarations to be agreed by third parties
  • Drawing up of agreements on licensing or usufruct

Our specialists know the particulars of copyright law in the various branches including the music and advertising business and in architecture. Where these interface with other areas of law, such as in using musical works as cell-phone ring-tones, we work in teams with other specialists in our office. We advise and represent you in all disputes, both in and out of court, concerning copyright or ancillary copyright.

We know the particulars of the special chambers and courts for copyright law and are able to match our claims and defence strategies to them for best effect. To avoid disputes from the start, we advise you in establishing agreements on usufruct or licensing of copyrights or ancillary copyrights, thus ensuring legal certainty should disputes arise.

The following Practice Groups are dedicated primarily to the field Copyright and Publishing Law

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