White Collar & Criminal Compliance

White Collar & Criminal Compliance

Any business activity involves the risk of being confronted with allegations of a criminal or regulatory nature. Criminal and administrative sanctions have become habitual instruments of economic policy. The criminal legislator is increasingly intervening in economic processes.

Criminal and supervisory proceedings require highly competent legal support, excellent knowledge of legal issues, and extensive experience in criminal, fine, and supervisory proceedings. The lawyers in the White Collar and Criminal Compliance Practice Group are among the most renowned criminal law teams in the country – as evidenced by numerous awards in professional analyst publications including JUVE, WirtschaftsWoche, Chambers, Legal500, or Focus Spezial.


We advise and defend executive board members, general managers, and other executives in all issues and situations relating to criminal law. From searches to trials and appeals, the lawyers in our Practice Group defend their clients against allegations of offenses in the areas of White Collar and Criminal Compliance in proceedings of public prosecutors and criminal courts.

Our clients include executive board members of listed stock corporations, sales managers, general managers of medium-sized and municipal companies, supervisory board members, and advisory board members.


We defend companies in proceedings on the imposition of corporate fines (Section 30 Administrative Offenses Act) and the confiscation of assets. In crisis situations relating to criminal law, we are providing services to German and foreign banks, trading companies, mechanical engineering companies, steel and defense groups, real estate companies, securities trading companies, investment companies, family businesses, and municipal companies.


We assess whether your project involves criminal or other legal risks and which alternatives exist for you to carry out your project without risk. From preventing corruption (e.g., in connection with invitations and gifts) to the risk-free sale of shares (keyword insider trading), we support you in your plans and guarantee legal security.

In addition, we draft legal opinions on complex issues relating to criminal law, including in connection with corporate, tax, or other legal implications. We ensure the quality of our expert opinions by scientifically sound work, doctoral degrees, proven scientific quality, and the experience of our lawyers in research and teaching, including at university institutes.


Witnesses in white collar cases have the right to legal witness assistance. We advise witnesses on their rights and obligations, accompany them to police, prosecutors’ offices, and court hearings, all the while protecting them from self-incrimination and ensuring proper conduct of the proceedings

In addition, we assist whistleblowers in regulatory proceedings and internal company investigations.

Expertises in White Collar and Criminal Compliance

Sustainable Economic Activity – CSR
Our task force advises companies, public institutions, and organizations on all aspects of of business, environment and human rights.


Errors happen, and where they are discovered at a later time, the law often provides for duties to correct them. Even criminal offenses may be rectified by correcting previous information. In tax law, foreign trade law, and social security law, self-reporting leads to exemption from penalties and fines.

We are advising on your self-reporting in tax law, foreign trade law, and social security law and represent you before regulatory and prosecuting authorities. Our expertise and the high quality of our work is based on hundreds of self-reporting and voluntary disclosure cases in banking cases in Switzerland, Luxemburg, Liechtenstein, and Austria.


The lawyers in our White Collar and Criminal Compliance Practice Group also advise on all issues relating to compliance and internal investigations. For more information, please contact our Compliance & Internal Investigations Task Force.

Current video

Search and Seizure

Search and seizure are typical investigative measures in criminal proceedings. They are faced by accused or unsuspected individuals and companies. Our brief explanatory film shows how to better deal with searches.

Distinctions of the practicegroup White Collar & Criminal Compliance

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