Impetus for Career

Immediate proximity to clients. At Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek, as a young lawyer with outstanding legal qualifications, you will be actively involved in client support from the onset - for only in this way you will have the opportunity for personal development.

Develop your own business.

As a modern organized partnership, we rely on our lawyers' self-initiative. You design your personal business plan together with us and realize your individual career plans.

Flat hierarchies.

Client-oriented legal management requires top performance from each individual and readiness to provide support from all. That is why your opinion is welcome, high-flying ideas are permitted, and a personable cooperative environment is experienced.

Career paths.

You will work in a practice-oriented manner in highly specialized teams and use our flat hierarchies to your advantage. Upon completion of your first year of work, we will include your name on the letterhead. Already upon completion of the third year of work, you will be awarded the title of Senior Associate. From this point on, you create your career path individually, for with us there is no up-or-out. The subsequent career levels, Salaried Partner and Equity Partner, are transparently available to our (Senior) Associates through our career concept.

Part-time lawyers.

Increasingly, lawyers desire to align work in a large corporate law firm and challenging client matters with their private lives.

Within the framework of individual agreements with the partner, we create the conditions under which you can work part time. What your personal part-time model should look like depends substantially on your individual design.

Also, the establishment of a modern home office workplace is possible at any time, in order to guarantee you the greatest possible flexibility.

Welcome Day – Welcome@Heuking

Welcome Day gives our legal professionals and non-lawyers the first insight into the world of our law firm. Providing you with an overview of our history and development, we are introducing you to our structures. Familiarize yourself with our back office departments and obtain all the relevant information needed for a successful start at Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek. Our office administration software is a key component of your work. Welcome Day offers you initial user training, which will enable you to ease into your work with us. Take the opportunity to get to know your new colleagues, to exchange ideas, and to network across our offices. We look forward to meeting you!



Diversity - Bei Heuking ist jeder willkommen

Weil wir als Kanzlei für Gleichberechtigung einstehen, haben wir im Jahr 2014 die „Charta der Vielfalt“ unterzeichnet. Kern der Initiative ist die Förderung und Wertschätzung aller Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter unabhängig von Geschlecht, Nationalität, ethnischer Herkunft, Religion, Alter oder Weltanschauung. Mit der Unterzeichnung der Charta der Vielfalt hat sich die Förderung der Vielfalt in unserer Sozietät als wichtiger Aspekt unserer Unternehmenskultur manifestiert.

Derzeit beschäftigen wir Mitarbeiter aus 22 Nationen in unserer Kanzlei. Im Rahmen unserer Zusammenarbeit mit nationalen und internationalen Mandanten treffen die unterschiedlichsten Menschen aufeinander. Aus diesem Grund ist es für uns selbstverständlich, vorurteilsfrei und respektvoll miteinander zu arbeiten. Die sexuelle Identität und Behinderung spielen hierbei ebenso wenig eine Rolle wie die ethnische Herkunft.


You will find everything about your career path in our brochure (german).



Christina Barthel
Manager of Recruitment
Anke Schnabel

Selected Distinctions

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azur100 - Top-Arbeitgeber 2019
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IURRATIO Jobs Awards 2019
IURRATIO Jobs Awards 2019
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