Our collective litigation lawyers have extensive experience in successfully and efficiently managing projects to defend collective litigation.

Our lawyers have the right expertise

Defending a large number of lawsuits, including collective litigation with countless individual proceedings, requires extensive capacities and specific know-how. In addition to procedural and substantive expertise, effective project management is particularly essential to successfully defend such cases. This requires knowledge and experience, which our firm has acquired extensively by handling a large number of collective litigation proceedings since 2010, repeatedly and successfully shown in practice.

Expertise in individual proceedings in collective litigation

A team that can point to the handling of well over 35,000 individual collective litigation cases in recent years alone will be at your disposal.
Our firm has represented clients in a wide variety of cases, including in defending claims for damages for allegedly inadmissible defeat devices at renowned vehicle manufacturers, allegedly false prospectus statements by issuers of funds, the allegedly incorrect drafting of expert opinions or certificates by appraisers or experts, allegedly incorrect audit opinions by auditors of annual financial statements, in shareholder lawsuits against shareholders’ resolutions, in appraisal proceedings pursued by minority shareholders for the judicial review of compensation and settlement payments, or in claims against banks and building societies.

Use of legal tech

As part of our project management, we also use various legal tech tools to address the specific requirements of the collective litigation case and a customized reporting system to keep our clients informed of any developments. In addition, we use an automated and time-efficient file creation and document generation system. Finally, upon request, we are able to provide automated data hosting at our clients’ businesses, which may be particularly significant for auditing reasons or under supervisory law.

It is at the latest since the collective litigation proceedings in the automotive sector that a collective litigation environment has established itself in Germany. Its beginnings, associated with group action for failed investments, go back several years now. In the foreseeable future, this type of litigation is set to expand to other fields, such as product liability law. Potentially affected companies should therefore be prepared to deal with such collective litigation proceedings quickly, confidently, and with legal certainty, because any mass offering of goods or services is increasingly facing serious challenges that may threaten the existence of even well-run, traditional companies.
In addition to a veritable litigation industry, the sector of litigation financiers has now become well established on the German market. Working with a high level of technical support, in some cases even including AI tools, they advertise to potential claimants by offering favorable terms. While in the past plaintiffs tended to exercise restraint in the judicial enforcement of alleged claims, these new conditions make it much easier for them to seek judicial assistance and to try to enforce their claims. This is frequently done in a way that plaintiffs do not incur any costs and with coordinated timing to gain potential advantages simply from overburdening courts and defendants alike. The increasing number of such proceedings in recent years is evidence of this tactic.

Capacities available nationwide

Using our courtroom experience, our firm will assemble the appropriate team and strategy at short notice to represent you nationally and internationally in a cost-effective manner. With our eight offices throughout Germany, every regional court is easily accessible.
The resources of over 400 lawyers and years of experience in appointing external and internal project lawyers allow us to quickly set up flexible teams as needed. At peak times, we involved more than 200 peers in collective litigation proceedings. Conversely, our track record also shows that we can handle numerous proceedings particularly efficiently with a group of just a few lawyers. 

Customized legal advice from a single source

Depending on the relevant area of expertise, we will add highly specialized peers to each project team as needed. Our teams of lawyers may easily be supplemented by experienced staff members from our IT department and efficient, experienced assistants. Where legal actions are pending or legally relevant in other jurisdictions, we are also able to support you as project stewards in several countries. For this purpose, we rely on our globally operating networks of efficient, experienced, and specialized lawyers abroad.

Individual advice

Our teams, individually assembled for you, will offer you specific recommendations for action tailored to your legal and procedural needs:
Due to our experience, we are also able to offer alternative and attractive billing methods with enhanced transparency. Customized agreements for our clients allow for an attractive combination of time and fee billing.
Our team is able to represent your company successfully and cost-efficiently across Germany and internationally at short notice with the right strategy using the appropriate means. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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