Community Hospital Herdecke - Reorganization

We are advising the Community Hospital with its approx. 1,200 employees in all individual and collective law matters on an ongoing basis. As a result of the changed legal requirements in health care, the steady medical progress and the necessity of structural adjustments extensive reorganization and restructuring measures had to be implemented. We comprehensively advised Herdecke Community Hospital during the entire restructuring process, combined with a staff reduction, as well in the case of planning and the implementation of a new personnel concept and negotiated the reconciliation of interests and social plan with the works council.

In recent years, Herdecke Community Hospital was subjected to considerable restructuring through outsourcing and the new establishment of subsidiaries. As part of the ongoing restructuring it was transformed into a non-profit GmbH. We provided comprehensive advice and support on this project in all matters under corporate law taking into account the aspects under tax law and non-profit law. In addition to the preparation of the necessary contracts and decisions, this includes the moderation of general meetings as well as the correspondence with public authorities, civil law notaries and tax advisors.

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