The Muldenberg Dam In Vogtland/Saxony

A river barrage at Muldenberg in Vogtland/Saxony, about 70 years old and made of quarrystone masonry, is in need of repair. The contract value of the proposed renovation is approximately 9.5 million Euro. A highly complex technical procedure is needed to put vertical pre-stressing steel anchors in place to stabilize the barrage wall. Disagreements about the suitability of the renovation technology proposed for the air-face side of the barrage led the principal to declare a partial withdrawal from the contract.

Subsequent to this, we offered legal support during the dispute about claims for supplementary charges and compensation, while at the same time we were charged by the agent with the implementation of an independent procedure of taking evidence, with a view to establishing the suitability of the proposed renovation technology.

Gilbert Toepffer, Chemnitz

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