Award in passenger rail transport on the RB 33 and RB 35 lines


Due to the economic crisis, it has been very difficult for smaller and mid-sized railroad companies in the past few years to participate in bids for transport services. In order to promote competition again and to ensure better quality at lower cost, transport association VRR developed the VRR vehicle financing model jointly with us.
After VRR had already admitted the vehicle financing model in four bids (RB 47, RE 2 / RE 42, S5 / S8, RE 7 / RB 48) as an alternative financing form and had achieved extremely good results, the model has also been used in the bid for the RB 33 (Wesel - Mönchengladbach) and RB 35 (Emmerich - Düsseldorf) lines. The procedure started on April 28, 2012 with the announcement in the Official Journal of the European Union. The contract was awarded in April 2013.
Our services
We advised VRR during the entire bid procedure of the RB 33 and RB 35 lines including the financing model up to the successful awarding of the contract. In the process, we are constantly developing the financing model further.
Responsible for the project
Dr. Ute Jasper,
Dr. Kristina Neven-Daroussis,
Dr. Christopher Marx,
all Düsseldorf

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