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Digital Transformation

Digitalization also offers new opportunities for sales. By using new technolo-gies, companies are rendering their own sales activities much more effective, thus increasing their success.

Digital distribution systems

Digitalization offers new opportunities for sales. 

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Data & Process Mining

New, cloud-based applications enable sales staff to be connected to all key figures in the company. Orders, pipelines, customer and market potential, and pricing are displayed in real time on employees’ digital devices and even linked to realistic estimates of future developments (predictive sales) through the use of AI. We support our clients in implementing and using such sys-tems in a legally compliant manner.

Process automation

New technologies also enable further optimization of sales processes with re-spect to communication with customers. In particular, the automation of cer-tain processes enables sales staff to respond even more effectively to cus-tomers’ requests and find new ways to fulfill them. Automation tools also har-bor the risk of processing that violates data protection law, particularly since many providers are headquartered outside the European Union. We advise on introducing and using such tools and ensure legal compliance.

Social Selling

New customers can often be acquired more effectively and more quickly via online media. This requires, however, that sales employees also use these new opportunities, i.e., create online profiles and interact with and sell to their (potential) customers via social media. This communication can be supported with effective technology tools such as LinkedIn Navigator or professional CRM applications, although competitors are increasingly meticulous about whether specific sales measures in the online area are also used in compli-ance with the law; otherwise, there is a risk of warnings. We advise our clients on social selling of their sales staff, conduct data protection training, and en-sure a legally compliant approach to expanding the customer base.

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