Private Clients

The Private Clients Practice Group is an interdisciplinary team of lawyers and tax consultants providing advice to private persons in their personal, legal and tax matters.

The circle of the national or international Private Clients being advised includes not only wealthy families or individuals, but also successful young entrepreneurs and managers of large corporations.

The main focus of the Practice Group includes private tax planning, advice in connection with the acquisition, sale and restructuring of investments, companies and real estate, advice in planning corporate succession in terms of corporate law, inheritance law and tax law, advice in private succession planning, drafting of inheritance tax and gift tax declarations, representation in the respective opposition proceedings and legal actions and setting up and support of trusts.

Moreover, it includes legal advice and representation of sole heirs, joint heirs, property division of community of heirs, assertion of and defence against statutory share claims and international inheritance law. In addition to that, drafting of last wills and testaments and in contracts of succession as well as of living wills, legal advice in family law, designing of prenuptial agreements and representation in divorce proceedings are part of our advisory activity as well.

Distinctions of the practicegroup
Private Clients

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Projects of the practicegroup
Private Clients

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