Best Lawyers ranking published: 127 Heuking lawyers recognized

Best Lawyers recognized 127 individuals from Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek as the best lawyers. This award distinguishes them as being among the best legal experts in Germany.
Best Lawyers has published recommendation lists of legal advisors in more than 75 countries for several decades. The nominations are based on lawyers’ evaluations of their peers’ professional skills. The Best Lawyers edition was published in Handelsblatt today. The entire ranking can be viewed at BestLawyers.com.
The following lawyers from Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek were recognized:  

Lawyer of the Year: Dr. Martin Schellenberg (Public Private Partnership)
Lawyer of the Year: Dr. Andreas Schabenberger (Advertising Law)

Ones to watch: Philipp Börger (Corporate Law)
Ones to watch: Anna-Lena Glander (Criminal Defense)
Ones to watch: Birthe Struck, LL.M. (Intellectual Property Law)
Ones to watch: Dr. Jonas Pust (Arbitration and Mediation)

Dr. Utz Andelewski (Labor and Employment Law)
Hanne Kara (Real Estate Law)
Dr. Matthias Kühn, LL.M. (University of Exeter) (Public Law)
Joachim Littig (Labor and Employment Law)
Ralph Negelein (Real Estate Law)
Ariane Neubauer (Venture Capital Law)
Dr. Stefan Proske (Restructuring and Insolvency Law)
Astrid Reich (Labor and Employment Law)
Dr. Leonie Schwarzmeier, LL.M. (Mergers and Acquisitions Law)
Dr. Karl-Josef Stöhr (Litigation)
Dr. Andreas Urban (Corporate Law, Labour and Employment Law, Mergers and Acquisitions Law )
Christoph Wagner (Health Care Law, Pharmaceuticals Law)

Dr. Oliver Böttcher (Corporate Law)
Ulf Christiani (Public Law)
Dr. Frank Eckhoff (Labor and Employment Law)
Dominik Eickemeier (Intellectual Property Law)
Dr. Verena Hoene, LL.M. (University of Washington) (Intellectual Property Law)
Dr. Ruben A. Hofmann (Intellectual Property Law)
Dr. Philipp Jansen (Corporate Law)
Dr. Pär Johansson (Private Equity Law)
Dr. Hans-Jochem Lüer, LL.M. (University of California at Berkeley) (Corporate Law, Insurance Law, Mergers and Acquisitions Law, Restructuring and Insolvency Law) 
Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Moll, LL.M. (University of California at Berkeley) (Labor and Employment Law)
Prof. Dr. Andreas Müller-Wiedenhorn (Restructuring and Insolvency Law)
Tobias Nagel (Mergers and Acquisitions Law)
Prof. Dr. Martin Reufels, LL.M. (King's College London) (Labor and Employment Law)
Dr. Sascha Schewiola (Labor and Employment Law)
Markus Schmülling (Labor and Employment Law)
Dr. Christoph Schork, LL.M. (Corporate Law)
Dr. Mirko Sickinger, LL.M. (Columbia University) (Capital Markets Law, Corporate Law)
Dr. Oliver von Rosenberg, LL.M. (Georgetown University, Washington DC) (Private Equity Law)

Michael Alberts (Real Estate Law)
Dr. Christian Appelbaum (Banking and Finance Law)
Marc Baltus (Energy Law)
Dr. Alexander Bork (Labor and Employment Law)
Dr. Bodo Dehne (Corporate Law)
Dr. Sabine Dethof (Intellectual Property Law)
Mathis Dick, LL.M. (Real Estate Law)
Stephan Freund (Construction Law, Real Estate Law)
Regina Glaser, LL.M. (Suffolk University) (Labor and Employment Law)
Dr. Hans Gummert (Corporate Governance and Compliance Practice, Corporate Law) 
Dr. Guido Hoffmann, LL.M. (Cornell University) (Restructuring and Insolvency Law)
Dr. Anton Horn (Intellectual Property Law, Technology Law)
Dr. Georg Jacobs, LL.M. (Advertising Law, Information Technology Law, Intellectual Property Law)
Prof. Dr. Rainer Jacobs (Intellectual Property Law)
Dr. Ute Jasper (Public Law)
Hironaga Kaneko (Labor and Employment Law)
Dr. Philip Kempermann, LL.M. (Data Security and Privacy Law, Information Technology Law)
Dr. Wolfgang Kühn (Arbitration and Mediation, Litigation)
Dr. Holger Lüders (Labor and Employment Law)
Dr. Christopher Marx (Real Estate Law)
Dr. Gunter Mühlhaus (Tax Law)
Dr. Herbert Palmberger, M.C.J. (New York) (Insurance Law)
Dr. Katja Plückelmann (Capital Markets Law, Corporate Law, Private Equity Law)
Dr. Markus Rheinländer (Criminal Defense)
Dr. Tanja Rodiek (Litigation)
Michael Schmittmann (Gaming Law, Information Technology Law, Media Law, Regulatory Practice)
Dr. Michael Sörgel, LL.M. (Corporate Law)
Beatrice Stange, LL.M. (King’s College London) (Competition / Antitrust Law)
Dr. André-M. Szesny, LL.M. (Criminal Defense, Criminal Tax Practice)
Kristin van de Sande (Public Law)
Dr. Rainer Velte (Competition / Antitrust Law, Public Finance Law)
Dr. Peter Vocke (Real Estate Law)

Adam Brockmann (Mergers and Acquisitions Law)
Daniel Froesch (Arbitration and Mediation)
Dr. Christoph Gringel (Banking and Finance Law, Capital Markets Law)
Dr. Daniela Hattenhauer (geb. Schwarz) (Public Law)
Michael Neises (Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions Law)
Dr. Thomas Nickel (Real Estate Law)
Dr. Ali Sahin (Mergers and Acquisitions Law)
Thomas K. W. Schrell, LL.M. (University of London) (Banking and Finance Law)
Christian Staps (Mergers and Acquisitions Law)
Bernd Weller (Labor and Employment Law)
Dr. Christoph F. Wetzler (Banking and Finance Law)
Thorsten A. Wieland (Intellectual Property Law)

Dr. Stefan Bretthauer  (Competition / Antitrust Law)
Dr. Stefan Duhnkrack (Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions Law)
Dr. Lothar Ende (Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions Law)
Dr. Kai Erhardt (Mergers and Acquisitions Law)
Dr. Christoph Froning, LL.M. (University of Miami) (Real Estate Law)
Fabian G. Gaffron (Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions Law)
Kay Jacobsen (Labor and Employment Law)
David Loszynski (Restructuring and Insolvency Law)
Dr. Johan-Michel Menke, LL.M. (Labor and Employment Law)
Dr. Frank Mitzkus (Insurance Law)
Sandra Pfister, LL.M. (University of Sydney) (Banking and Finance Law, Project Finance and Development Practice) 
Dr. Søren Pietzcker, LL.M. (University of Illinois) (Intellectual Property Law)
Dr. Martin Schellenberg (Public Private Partnership)
Dr. Peter Christian Schmidt (Mergers and Acquisitions Law, Private Equity Law, Venture Capital Law)
Dr. Johan Schneider (Restructuring and Insolvency Law)
Christian Spintig (Competition / Antitrust Law, Intellectual Property Law)
Dr. Elke Umbeck  (Arbitration and Mediation, International Arbitration, Litigation)
Dominik von Wissel (Mergers and Acquisitions Law)
Dr. Andreas Walle (Labor and Employment Law)
Dr. Frederik Wiemer (Competition / Antitrust Law)
Dr. Ralf J. Wojtek, LL.M. (University of California at Berkeley) (Telecommunications Law, Transportation Law)
Dr. Hans Markus Wulf (Data Security and Privacy Law, Information Technology Law)

Anita Bohn, LL.M. (University of London) (Mergers and Acquisitions Law)
Dr. Arnold Büssemaker, Licencié en droit (Restructuring and Insolvency Law)
Dr. Stephan Degen, Maître en Droit (Restructuring and Insolvency Law, Tax Law)
Boris Dürr (Mergers and Acquisitions Law)
Dr. Walter Eberl (Arbitration and Mediation, International Arbitration, Litigation)
Dr. Armin Freiherr von Grießenbeck (Construction Law)
Roland Gerold (Real Estate Law)
Marcel Greubel (Mergers and Acquisitions Law)
Britta Hinzpeter, LL.M. (Intellectual Property Law)
Dr. Thomas Jansen (Information Technology Law)
Dr. Michael Lauterbach (Insurance Law)
Dr. Daniel Lehmann (Trusts and Succession Planning)
Dr. Carsten Schrader (Construction Law, Real Estate Law)
Dr. Mathias Schröder, LL.M. (Intl. Legal Stud Golden Gate Univ.) (Mergers and Acquisitions Law)
Dr. Reinhard Siegert (Competition / Antitrust Law)
Dr. Christian Strasser (Litigation)
Prof. Dr. Georg Streit (Restructuring and Insolvency Law)
Wolfgang Stürzer (Real Estate Law)
Carsten Wagner (Construction Law)
Astrid Wellhöner, LL.M. Eur. (Labor and Employment Law)
Dr. Helge-Torsten Wöhlert (Corporate Law)

Dr. Frank Baßler  (Corporate Law)
Dr. Anne de Boer, LL.M. (RSA) (Capital Markets Law)
Dr. Markus Klinger (Data Security and Privacy Law, Intellectual Property Law)
Dr. Peter Ladwig  (Capital Markets Law, Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions Law)
Dr. Andreas Schabenberger (Advertising Law, Intellectual Property Law)
Dr. Alexander Schott (Mergers and Acquisitions Law)

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